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Tango decorations: How to express yourself when you cross the leg of the man

Ladies/followers, do you still feel a bit self-conscious when decorating in your tango dancing? Not sure if maybe you are…. ‘disturbing’ the dance? (you’re not!) Want to find a way to make sure you can take your time to decorate, express the music and communicate your timing to your partner? In this video, we show […]

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How To Dance More in Milongas: Power tips for tango ladies

Hello tango ladies, Feeling frustrated with how “passive” ladies/followers are when it comes to inviting partners? Ever felt disempowered in milongas, “waiting for a man to invite you”? Want to dance more in milongas… and be very active in choosing your power? This is a common feeling for tango ladies and can affect our confidence […]


How to stay balanced when my partner is losing his/her balance?

Tango dancer…   You’ve worked hard! You’ve practiced a lot in class & practicas, taken technique workshops, even maybe invested time & money in private classes… You’ve worked on alignment & core muscles, have done countless projection exercises on your own to improve your balance… And now that you are finally stable in your dance… […]

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You are not a follower

Tango Dancers! You know what I’ve realised over the years? That the confidence you learn from being a strong, independent tanguera, shows outside of the dance-floor. At least it was the case for me. Once I became more independent and willing to express myself dancing in the arms of a partner, I became more independent […]