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8 common tango mistakes (and how to avoid them)

Today, we are doing something a little bit different. We want to help you identify precisely how you can improve your tango in the coming months. Here are 8 common tango mistakes that we regularly help our students correct  No dancer does all of them, but they are mistakes that are easy to develop. If unchecked, they […]


Why does it feel so good to dance with Argentinian people?

Have you ever wondered why Argentinian people dance tango so well? And quickly! After just a few classes, dancing with them feels like heaven? And when you ask, they casually tell you that “No, noone dances in their family”? Well, I’ll tell you their little secret… It has nothing to do with blood, instinct or God-given-musicality, oh no…. […]


Connecting with your partner

Tango is not about steps, level or technicality. Tango is about the connection we create with our partner. It is about how we feel the music and express it. When we really connect with our partner, the dancing becomes magical, and the level secondary. Learning the technique allows you to be more responsive to your partner […]