More Power In Close Embrace: One Tip Be To More Comfortable In Tango Close Embrace

Tango Dancer… Eager to dance better in close embrace? Want to take it to the next level? Here’s something you might not be aware of… It’s possible that you feel quite ‘heavy’ on your partner… especially if you’re a leader. It’s not your fault! You’ve been doing what your teachers have been telling you: leading […]

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Tango decorations: How to express yourself when you cross the leg of the man

Ladies/followers, do you still feel a bit self-conscious when decorating in your tango dancing? Not sure if maybe you are…. ‘disturbing’ the dance? (you’re not!) Want to find a way to make sure you can take your time to decorate, express the music and communicate your timing to your partner? In this video, we show […]