Recently during one of our intermediate classes, I was looking at all our follower students and was suddenly struck by how radiant they all looked. I had seen these women arrive in our beginner classes feeling a bit clumsy and unsure, and one year later I was surrounded by vibrant, sexy dancers. Still learning, but all radiating with their all kind of beauty.

I had seen these women arrive in our beginner classes hesitant and unsure, and one year later I was surrounded by vibrant, sexy dancers. Still learning, but all radiating with their all kind of beauty.

I started thinking about how tango changes us, and particularly how it makes us feel beautiful. I realised that I too had changed from the first time I had joined a tango class, and the role it has played in my own journey into feminity.

1. The tango clothes: 

Even if you can always dance in jeans and flat shoes (which is how I started out), tango is mostly danced with high heels and beautiful dresses.

I find that most students who join the tango community slowly adapt their wardrobe towards more feminine and fluid dresses, like I did. Finding the perfect dress or skirt, or falling in love with a new pair of shoes is a part of the fun life of a tango dancer.

And the excitement of dressing up and making sure you look your best to go out dancing are one of the reasons why our social dancing events look and feel so good!

2. The tango moves

It is as if the Tango moves have been created with only BEAUTY in mind: they all look mesmerising.

Take the spiraling of one our fundamental movement, the ocho: it is just so beautiful to watch, and to dance!

The dissociation, the projection, the posture… every single one of the tango moves makes you feel sexy, powerful, in control of your body… it’s exhilarating.

4. Our posture becomes more elegant in our everyday life

The elegance of tango dancers in everyday life is incredible: this is what you gain from working on your body awareness and keeping a beautiful posture in even the most challenging movements.

Because tango dancers work so much on their balance, their core muscles are strong: the whole body becomes more toned, stronger, which keeps them straight and relaxed in the rest of their lives.

5. The confidence we gain radiates

As we grow as dancers, we become more confident, and it definitely shows. In the clothes, in the posture, in the smiles…

The feeling of empowerment we feel from committing to a dance, always improving and discovering new ways of dancing, and feeling at ease with our dancing impact how we look and how we feel.

6. Mostly: the connection.

The core reason why tango makes us feel beautiful is the feeling we have when we connect with our dance partners.

If the leader puts all his attention in his follower during the dancing, she feels completely cared for, protected. For the time of one tanda, she feels as if she is all that matters; he takes care of her, listens to her, protects her…

That’s why in classes we always remind our leaders that they need above all to take care of their partner and put all of their attention into her: where she is, how she is moving, and mostly, how she is feeling.





6 thoughts on “how tango makes you look and feel beautiful

  1. Dania Percy says:

    Nice post except for number 1 about fashion.
    High heels are becoming old and a thing of the past precisely because people are waking to the fact that they are an unnecessary and unhealthy fashion accessory.
    Sure it accentuates the butt due to diforming the spine and make appear longer legs. But what price does one want to pay for this aesthetic compromise?

    Men used to wear high heels in history but then it went out of fashion for them in the enlightenment era. Women haven’t yet succomb to reason.

  2. Ondi Smith says:

    I especially love #1! I love looking feminine in high heels, pretty dresses and flowing tango skirts! I’m not worried about health issues since it’s only a few hours two to three times per week. We’re not talking about 12 hours on the floor. I prefer not to wear jeans ever to a practica or milonga! Happy dancing!

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  5. Carlos di Sarli says:

    High heels are perhaps unhealthy, at least uncomfortable according to most women testimony I hear.
    .However, very much like most garment and make up, they really stress the seductive appeal of women and very certainly contribute to their elegance and self confidence.

    As such, I do not think they are “unnecessary” nor a “thing of the past”.
    You might want to think of them as a “necessary evil”.

    And personally, it is a selection criterion when I invite or let me be invited.

    Tough life, I must admit.

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