Two Saturdays per month, we teach semi-private lessons and 2-hour technique or musicality workshops. They allow students to fast-track their learning journey by improving the quality of their dancing.

Pssst: contrarily to our drop-in classes, you need to pre-book these workshops.

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dance with people you love: 8 milonga tips - week 2

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For the demanding dancer! During this 2-hour semi-private we work deeply on what you and your partner need and want to focus on. This is your class, built specifically around you. Pre-booking essential: Max 4 couples

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For the demanding dancer! During this 2-hour semi-private we work deeply on what you and your partner need and want to focus on. This is your class, built specifically around you.

Pre-booking only: Max 4 couples

WHEN: 3pm-5pm

WHERE: The Light Temple, 3 Godfrey Place. E27NT

LEVEL: Improvers upwards

TEACHERS: Pablo & Naomi

PRICE: £45 per dancer
Save £5 OFF with pre-bookings: £40 per dancer / £80 per couple


Come dance with us for our Xmas Party!

6-7pm Special Class “Artistic Expression”
We will look at How to create movements that feel good and look good 🙂
Followed by Milonga until 11pm with some surprises and all the Tango Space team will be there, students and friends.

Class + Milonga: £16
Freedom members free
Only milonga £12

Where: Shield Cafe – Queen Mary University (Farringdon)

Charter house Square – EC1M 6BQ



Our upcoming workshops and Semi-Private Lesson

Saturday, December 2nd

Here our International guest Tango Teachers:

Virginia Pandolfi & Jonathan Aguero, Junior Cervila & Guadalupe Garcia, Juan Martin Carrara & Stefania Colina.


Questions about the workshops?


Do I need a partner to join?

No…. But we are trying to keep the number of leaders and followers equal, so when you book, let us know if you have a partner. If you don’t, we’ll do our magic behind-the-scenes work, and make sure that you do when you arrive at the workshop.

What level of tango dancing do I need to join the workshops? 

We recommend that the students are at least comfortable improvers before joining the workshops. You will get the full benefits of attending the workshops if you have some experience of dancing socially. Usually, we accept students after around 6 months of regular tango practice (even though this is a rule of thumb, and there can be exceptions: contact us if you are not sure whether or not you can join).

Come on, Tango Space… all your classes are drop-in… do I really need to book in advance?

Yes, please! We try to keep an equal number of leaders and followers, so that everyone gets to practice all the exercises during the full 2-hours. So please, let us know in advance if you’d like to come, and if you have a partner, so that we can arrange one for you if you don’t.

Can I join the classes and the Light Temple milonga afterwards?

Our workshops are held at the Light Temple when the Light Temple Milonga is on. We teach the workshops just before the classes, so that the students can attend them if they’d like. Or you can relax and have a bite before joining us for the milonga at 9.30. Note that the price of the workshop does not include access to the classes and/or the milonga (It’s not exactly the same team organising!)

How do I book?

So simple! Send an e-mail to tangospace@hotmail.com or fill-in the form below.

No partner needed. However, we want to keep equal number of leaders and followers, so please book in advance a place to take this workshop sending an e-mail to tangospace@hotmail.com or filling in the form below. Hurry up, as the spaces fill up rapidly!


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