First tango class ever? Or you haven’t danced tango in a while and want to gently go back to it? Look no further… we have FREE taster lessons and drop-in beginners tango classes on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday in Central and East London. No need to come with a partner: just join the fun!

No time during the week? You can join our 2-hour Tango discovery workshop on Saturday the 20th of May in Farringdon (3pm to 5pm) Learn more



  • 7-8pm: Beginners Class
  • 8-8:30pm: Practica
  • 8:30-9:30pm: Intermediate Class

Waterloo Action Centre

Baylis Rd, London SE1 7AA (Note that the entrance is in the hall through the garden).

  • One class: £16 (Inc. Practica)
  • Members £9


  • 7-8pm: Beginners Class
  • 8-9pm: Intermediate Class
  • 9-midnight: Milonga

Shield Cafe at Queen Mary University of London

Charter house Square – EC1M 6BQ

  • One class: £16
  • Class + Milonga : £19
  • Members £9 (Inc. milonga)


  • 7-8pm: Beginners Class
  • 8:00-9:00pm: Improvers Class

Sylvia Young Theatre School

Studio 102 in Sylvia Young Theatre School, 1 Nutford Pl, W1H 5YZ

  • One class: £16
  • Members £9


  • 7-8pm: Beginners Class
  • 8-9pm: Improvers Class

Umbrella Rooms

241 Shaftesbury Ave, London WC2H 8EH  (To find us: It’s the door next to the pub called “The Crown”. Ring the bell for reception and they will open the door for you. Then go up to the top floor –  studio number 4. Call if you can’t find us: 07799535140)

  • One class: £16
  • Members £9


Our next Saturday Workshops and Milonga will be on Saturday 8th of July at  The Shield Cafe, London Charterhouse Square London EC1M 6BQ 

  • 6 – 8pm Master class Tango Salon by Diego Converti and Graciela Gamba
  • 8pm to midnight Milonga. DJ Sasha Alejandro

Shoreditch Tab Centre

3 Godfrey Place, E27NT  (off Austin Street)

  • Workshop: £20


Can I come alone, or do I need a partner?

As you wish! Some people come with a partner, others with a group of friends, many come alone – don’t worry, you’ll find plenty of people to dance with during the class…

What should I expect from a first class?

We’ll make sure you’re warmed-up before starting anything, then introduce you to the tango embrace. You’ll soon learn that Argentine tango is what you see on TV programmes – it’s much more gentle and sophisticated… and very musical. For your first class, expect to walk a lot, meet people, probably make a few mistakes, and have fun. Ah, and don’t leave without having a glass of wine with us, at the practica or milonga afterwards!

Can I come any time?

Yes, all our classes are drop-in. When new students arrive, we usually work with them a little privately before they join the rest of the class. Because all of our classes are focused on technique rather than a choreographed routine, anyone can join at any time.

What should I wear?

Comfortable clothes. Clothes you can move freely in. Avoid tight skirts and tops that restrain shoulder movement, but apart from that, it’s pretty free. Plenty of our students come directly after work, and find that most of their work clothes are just fine.
Ladies, do not worry about the heels! Actually, until you are a bit more experienced, flat shoes with a flexible sole are probably best. But again, for a first class and before you find your own style, every thing will do.

Is there something else I should know about tango?

Just one thing: Argentine tango is an improvised dance. Which means that there are not set routines – but a technique to learn, to get the ability to improvise…. It is not about learning routines and throwing legs up in the air as you might have seen in TVs and films. It’s beautiful and glamorous, but can be very gentle and connected. You’ll see, improvising is way more fun than following steps 🙂 See you on the dancefloor.

We look forward to welcoming you into the tango world, and helping out with the first tango steps!