You’ve taken a few classes, but from different teachers… You used to be a tango addict but haven’t danced in a while… You never tried Argentine tango but have a social ballroom background…. If you are not sure which class you should attend, follow our level guide!

Absolute beginner/beginner:

If you have no to little experience of tango dancing, all our beginner’s classes will be good for you (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday). In all beginners’  classes we focus on improving the quality of the tango fundamentals: the walk, the embrace and the pivoting technique. Note that our Thursday Tango beginners’ class will be the most gentle and the most focused on mastering the technique.


We ask that you have taken at least 6 beginner classes before joining directly the Improvers class (Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday) . We recommend that you make sure that you are completely at ease with the fundamentals (embrace, walk, connection, pivot), and basic movements such as the cross and the half-giro before joining. If your budget allows, we recommend that you combine the beginners+improver lessons on Monday and Thursday – We offer discounts for the dancers who attend both!


You have been dancing for over a year and a half and dance in milongas. You can join directly our Intermediate classes on Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday. All classes are followed by a milonga where you will be able to meet fellow dancers and practice what you just learnt in the class. On wednesday, our students often combine the Improvers and the intermediate classes: both classes are created together, and work ‘hand in hand’.


Our Wednesday Intermediate/Advanced class on wednesday is designed to help you become one of the best social dancers around. Our technique and musicality workshops for advanced dancers are by pre-booking only, in order to keep a consistent level of training. Make sure to ask us if you can join, either here with a contact form, or in classes or milongas!


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