Wedding First Dance

Where are you at?

Congratulations! You have decided to take a big plunge into love and happiness, and are engaged. We’re so happy for you. You’re deep into the preparations for your big day, and perhaps it can feel a bit overwhelming. You might have guests coming from all over the country (or the world), or have a cozy wedding with close family and friends.

What problems might you be facing right now?

Problems? hmmm…. let’s rather call it a challenge! You want to create a unique experience for your guests, and would like to prepare a beautiful first dance… but you’re not so sure which type of dance. Or which music. Or how to work out a choreography. One of you might feel shy about dancing in front of family or friends, or feel that they have two left feet… Plus, you don’t have much time or headspace right now, with everything else to think about.

What you need help with right now

You’d like to prepare a first dance that looks unique for your guests.. and also that reflects the love you and your partner have for each other. You’d like to go through your wedding day knowing that your opening the bal will a big hit. You’ like to dance the first dance of your dreams: beautiful, smooth, elegant, unique and sophisticated…

How our Wedding First Dance Package can help you

We help you prepare your dream first dance in a fun and relaxed environment. We help you every step of the way, from helping you choose your song if you haven’t done so already to creating an easy but impressive tango choreography. What’s more,

It includes

  1. Advice on song and dance style choice
  2. You will learn all the fundamental tango movements as a couple
  3. You will also learn easy but impressive tango show movements
  4. Creation of a bespoke choreography based on your choice of music and affinity with the movements
  5. Help in adapting the choreography to your wedding clothes (yes, it matters!)
  6. Special time dedicated to preparing to “perform”
  7. Help on what to do if you forget the choreography

Success Stories

Christine and Riezman

Unique experience…how to learn your wedding dance while having FUN!! We had only 5 weeks before our wedding when we met Pablo… Boy how stressed we were in the beginning and boy how everything fell in place bit by bit with the help of both Anne and Pablo! Not only we danced the dance of our dreams but we had so much fun!! The environment created by Pablo and Anne is so warm and friendly that we felt we were part of a family!!! I am ready to share my experience with whoever chooses Tango as a wedding first dance… let the magic fill the air!! Pablo and Anne hugs and kisses from the heart!!