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Getting married in a few months: how to prepare a gorgeous First Dance fast!

So, over the years, we’ve crafted a special skill: focusing on the fundamentals, and fast-tracking the process to a unique, gorgeous First Dance… We’re sharing here the ‘principles’ that we use when working with couples like Paula and Vincent. We are not giving ‘dance technique explanations’, but rather tips that will help you go through the whole […]

The eye contact that changed my dancing for ever

A lot is said about the cabeceo, but there’s one cabeceo that deserves more attention: the ‘cabeceo between men’: the eye contact leaders exchange before stepping onto the dance floor. And how followers can use it to feel more empowered in milongas. The cabeceo between men is a smooth way of entering the dance floor […]

Why does it feel so good to dance with Argentinian people?

Have you ever wondered why Argentinian people dance tango so well? And quickly! After just a few classes, dancing with them feels like heaven? And when you ask, they casually tell you that “No, noone dances in their family”? Well, I’ll tell you their little secret… It has nothing to do with blood, instinct or God-given-musicality, oh no…. […]

Follower’s stability: 6 tips to keep your balance

Balance. Crucial in tango. And yet so hard to master… It took me years to find my tango balance. The excruciating part was that I came from the world of ballet, so I was supposed to be quite good at balancing. But there was something about the tango posture, the embrace, the fact that I […]

The Tango dancer’s guide to core muscles

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If you’ve taken tango classes – or any type of dance class for that matter – you’ve probably heard about core muscles a few times. We’ve heard so much about abs, crunching and 6-pack abs that I remember being quite confused about what core muscles are…. I tended to over-contract my abs muscles instead of gently activating […]