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Tango Ocho cortado: the traditional way + a new variation (leaders & followers)

Dear Tango Dancer Recently we were invited to a tango party organised by the Argentinian embassy London. It was at the ambassador’s house, and visiting the house alone was worth it 😉 A gorgeous white house overlooking Hyde Park with high ceilings, 3 dancing rooms with beautiful wooden floors, and windows, mirrors and ornaments all […]

What is happening in the tango embrace?

Tango.  Sometimes, for the rest of the world, tango seems so soft and controlled. From the outside, you can’t see what happens in the embrace.  It barely changes throughout the dance, and the dancers are focused, rarely showing emotions…  Yet you and us know:  When you’re dancing, so much is happening in your embrace. Those watching can’t […]

Perfect your sacadas & connect deeper with your tango partners

Dear dancer, We’ve got a trick tango question for you… What movement looks big and beautiful from the outside of a tango dance, but can barely be felt from the inside of the embrace? Here’s a hint: it’s a dancer’s favorite. We should know, because throughout our 27 years of combined teaching experience, we’ve noticed […]

Tango Giro: Tango Turn With Sacada & Barrida (Steps)

Magnets… I grew up with dozens of magnets on the fridge’s door. Letters, holiday souvenirs, branded “gifts”… Did you have those too? We kept reordering them so they’d create new shapes. It was magical, the many combinations we could do… Tango is a bit like that. You take bits and pieces here and there, and […]

Tango Vals: A Useful “Cadena” Movement (Steps & Technique)

Dear tango dancer,  We realise that there is always a high demand for Tango Vals movements and we want to teach you a really cool one which we love! A Cadena is an elegant movement to add some flair to your dancing so in this video we’ll break it down for the leaders and the […]