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Change Your Tango: 3 Fun Ways To Dance The Medio-Giro {Play More}

Dear Tango Dancer, Worried your partner will be bored when dancing with you? Looking to shake things up in your dancing? Want to add some flair to your tango… easily? In this video, we show simple ways to make your tango more fun and more playful with 3 variation of one of tango’s most common […]

Tango Close Embrace: A Special Tip For Connection {& Balance}

Tango Dancer, Do you sometimes lose your balance during the dance? Have you ever felt that you were doing your best to dance in close embrace, but were still disconnected? Are you unsure why your partner keep moving to the side of your body instead of staying in front? Would you like to understand how […]

Tango For Beginners: How To Change Your Weight {More Sophistication}

Dear dancer, Are you at a moment in your dancing where you want to make it more subtle and more refined? Do you sometimes lose your balance in the dance? Have you ever lost the connection with your partner? It all has to do with how we change your weight. Understand, when we move up […]

Tango Lesson: Tango Giro with Sacada (Contragiro)

Tango Dancer, Need to shake things up and change the dynamics in your dancing? Looking for a more sophisticated circular movement? Want to feel more connected, and play with dynamics together in your turn? In this video, we help you play more together, change dynamics and directions in your dancing and empower the followers with […]

How to Keep a Connected Tango Embrace: Technique Tip for Followers {Simple}

Tango Follower, Feeling a bit disconnected to your partner sometimes? Or are you ever losing your balance a bit? Would you like to feel more grounded and more connected to your partner easily? This simple but super all-mighty tip will help you adapt your embrace so that you understand your lead more clearly, have better […]

Tango Walking: Back-Crossing The Followers Free Leg {Steps & Technique}

Tango Dancer, Want to add sophistication to your dancing? Wondering how you can shake things up in your tango walk? Looking for a cool decoration to play with the free leg of the follower? In this video, we help you take your walking to the next level and express the subtleties of tango music with […]

Tango Enrosques For Women: A Cool Circular Movement [steps]

Tango Dancer, Worried your partner will be bored in the dance sometimes? Want to play with your free leg, but not sure how? Want to learn a movement few people know about? Looking for a cool circular movement, to add playfulness in your dancing and feel the tango connection? In this video we show you […]