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Tango Embrace: 3 Steps To Make Your Tango Embrace Feel Good [Tango Hugs]

Tango Dancer, Not sure how to go into the close embrace? Are you someone who wants to keep a nice and comfortable but tends to tense up at times in the dance? Or, are you a more experienced dancer who is always trying to make sure your partners feel welcomed and loved in your embrace? […]

Argentine Tango Technique – How To Use Dissociation [To Pivot]

Feeling wobbly in your tango pivots? Need help with more powerful pivots? Want to stay connected with your partner when you are pivoting? Looking to add more power and elegance to your circular movements? This video will help you feel more comfortable and powerful in your pivots by showing you to use dissociation when pivoting. […]

Argentine Tango Lesson – The Half-Turn with Parada [EASY GUIDE]

Are you unsure about how to add pausing and musicality to your dancing? Not clear about how to lead or follow circular movements in your tango dancing? Want to learn or review how to do the Medio-Giro with parada, one of the most fundamental movements of tango, beautifully? In this video, we teach you how […]

How To Do The Forward Ocho | Argentine Tango

Looking to learn the fundamental movements of tango dancing? Or, if you’re a more experienced dancer, do you tend to forget the basic aspects of the technique when you are dancing? Feeling a lack of connection in your forward ochos sometimes? Do you at times feel that you are wobbly in your pivots? In this […]

How To Save 4 Years In Your Tango Learning Journey

Tango dancer, Frustrated with how long it is taking you to learn tango? Feeling like you’re never going to get it right, sometimes? Want to save time, and fast-track your tango learning journey? Ready to challenge yourself to make sure you don’t take bad habits, and learn how to dance well from the get-go? In […]

How To Do The Medio-Giro | Argentine Tango Half-Turn

Dear Tango Dancers, Need help with circular movements? Want to improve the quality of your dancing by mastering the tango fundamentals? Looking to learn or refine your knowledge of the Tango Half-Turn, or Medio-Giro? In this video we help you feel more confident with your circular movements and dissociation by teaching you everything you need […]