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Tango Training: A Simple Exercise For Better Dissociation, Strength & Posture (At Home Practice)

Tango Dancer, “How can I practice if I don’t have a partner?” Ambitious tango students ask us variations of this question at least once a week. They assume that tango = partner dance = partner practice. No one ever told them that individual practice can be even more valuable for their tango journey. Did you […]

Argentine Tango Technique: One Tip To Be More Elegant (Tango Posture)

Tango Dancer, Do you ever feel a bit disconnected from your partner when you’re dancing? Not sure how to take powerful steps while looking elegant? Want to make sure your posture is correct and helps you and your partner during the whole dance? In this video, we share a powerful image to help you be […]

Tango Embrace: 3 Steps To Make Your Tango Embrace Feel Good [Tango Hugs]

Tango Dancer, Not sure how to go into the close embrace? Are you someone who wants to keep a nice and comfortable but tends to tense up at times in the dance? Or, are you a more experienced dancer who is always trying to make sure your partners feel welcomed and loved in your embrace? […]

How To Walk Elegantly In The Tango Close Embrace

Dear Tango Dancer, Brand-new to tango and looking to master the tango fundamentals beautifully? Need a refresher on the tango walk? Or, are you an intermediate dancer who wants to improve the quality of your dancing in close embrace? Are you looking to stand out on the dance-floor and feel more relaxed in your dancing? […]

How To Change Directions In Tango: A Sensual Tango Combination

Tango Dancer, Not sure how to change directions in your dancing? Bored with using always the same moves? Would you like to change direction in a playful and sensual way? Ladies/Followers, looking for tips to make your dancing more precise? This video will help you add playfulness and sensuality to your dancing with a beautiful […]

How To Dance Tango In Close Embrace: Do You Lean On Each Other?

Want to fast-track your learning and save 4 years in your tango learning journey? Trying to make your dancing smooth and fluid, and avoid taking bad habits? Eager to dance with the most experienced dancers in milongas? Then you really want to learn how to dance tango in close embrace from the get go…. In […]