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3 Common Ocho Mistakes For Ladies… & How To Correct Them

Tango ladies, Fed up with losing your balance in your dancing? Do you sometimes get carried away and forget the fundamentals of your technique? Want to have more power, flexibility, and fun in your dancing? This video will help you nail your tango ochos so you can transform your dancing. Watch this video to learn: […]

5 Dissociation Mistakes that are costing you your balance (and how to correct them)

Feeling that you are often losing your balance when dancing but not sure why? Knees hurting after a milonga? Lacking power in your pivots? It might have to do with how your dissociate! This week, we will be covering enrosques in our classes, which depend a lot on dissociation. However, dissociation is often misunderstood, which costs […]

The Tango dancer’s guide to core muscles

Online Tango Classes

If you’ve taken tango classes – or any type of dance class for that matter – you’ve probably heard about core muscles a few times. We’ve heard so much about abs, crunching and 6-pack abs that I remember being quite confused about what core muscles are…. I tended to over-contract my abs muscles instead of gently activating […]