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Tango Close Embrace: A Special Tip For Connection {& Balance}

Tango Dancer, Do you sometimes lose your balance during the dance? Have you ever felt that you were doing your best to dance in close embrace, but were still disconnected? Are you unsure why your partner keep moving to the side of your body instead of staying in front? Would you like to understand how […]

Tango Embrace: 3 Steps To Make Your Tango Embrace Feel Good [Tango Hugs]

Tango Dancer, Not sure how to go into the close embrace? Are you someone who wants to keep a nice and comfortable but tends to tense up at times in the dance? Or, are you a more experienced dancer who is always trying to make sure your partners feel welcomed and loved in your embrace? […]

How To Walk Elegantly In The Tango Close Embrace

Dear Tango Dancer, Brand-new to tango and looking to master the tango fundamentals beautifully? Need a refresher on the tango walk? Or, are you an intermediate dancer who wants to improve the quality of your dancing in close embrace? Are you looking to stand out on the dance-floor and feel more relaxed in your dancing? […]

How To Combine Tango Sacada & Barrida: Playful Tango Combination

Hello tango dancer, Are you sometimes not sure how to combine the movements that you know into a playful combination? Bored with always doing the same tango moves? Need a refresher on how to do tango’s smoothest movements – the sacada and the barrida? Ladies, are you looking to improve your technique for circular movements? […]

Tango decorations: How to express yourself when you cross the leg of the man

practising first dance

Ladies/followers, do you still feel a bit self-conscious when decorating in your tango dancing? Not sure if maybe you are…. ‘disturbing’ the dance? (you’re not!) Want to find a way to make sure you can take your time to decorate, express the music and communicate your timing to your partner? In this video, we show […]

8 common tango mistakes (and how to avoid them)

Today, we are doing something a little bit different. We want to help you identify precisely how you can improve your tango in the coming months. Here are 8 common tango mistakes that we regularly help our students correct  No dancer does all of them, but they are mistakes that are easy to develop. If unchecked, they […]

Connect with anyone: the 3 elements of tango connection

you can connect with anyone

Your heart finds peace, your mind goes blissfully silent, butterfiles are making you body fly, and for some reason you feel at home in the arms of someone you barely know… Sounds familiar?? Me too, the first time I felt connection in a tango embrace I thought I was in love. What else could it be? I quickly discovered that […]

Why does it feel so good to dance with Argentinian people?

Have you ever wondered why Argentinian people dance tango so well? And quickly! After just a few classes, dancing with them feels like heaven? And when you ask, they casually tell you that “No, noone dances in their family”? Well, I’ll tell you their little secret… It has nothing to do with blood, instinct or God-given-musicality, oh no…. […]