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Tango Christmas Q&A / How & Why We Started + Where We Purchase Clothes & Shoes

Tango Dancer, Merry Christmas! & thank you for a wonderful 2019 with you! We’ve been blessed with wonderful interactions with so many of you this year. Our goal is to create a community of dancer that is all about connection, friendliness and the willingness to take on the tango challenge. Thank you for being a […]

How To Dance More in Milongas: Power tips for tango ladies

how women can influence the tanda's musicality

Hello tango ladies, Feeling frustrated with how “passive” ladies/followers are when it comes to inviting partners? Ever felt disempowered in milongas, “waiting for a man to invite you”? Want to dance more in milongas… and be very active in choosing your power? This is a common feeling for tango ladies and can affect our confidence […]

The science behind why tango is making you smarter

Recently there have been a lot of studies showing that dancing has many health benefits, some of them expected (fitness, health, confidence…), and some of them inexpected (this study, for example, found that tango dancing is more efficient than mindfulness meditation to reduce stress levels) My trip down the dance/science rabbit-hole led me to wonder […]

10 tango myths busted

Glamour, dazzling choreographies, red roses, jealousy, machism, Roxane… tango conjures up plenty of images…  But there is much more to tango than high kicks, sexy dresses and sensuality…  So let’s put the Dancing-With-the-Star-fun aside, and dive into a world where what matters is the people, and dancing is shared from the heart.  Here are 10 […]

8 common tango mistakes (and how to avoid them)

Today, we are doing something a little bit different. We want to help you identify precisely how you can improve your tango in the coming months. Here are 8 common tango mistakes that we regularly help our students correct  No dancer does all of them, but they are mistakes that are easy to develop. If unchecked, they […]