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10 couples who inspired our dancing this year

Absolute greatest pleasure of life? Waking up, making coffee and watching videos of awesome tango performances that happened all over the world the night before… Wouldn’t you agree? I’m sure that throughout the year, dancers in Buenos Aires, Paris, HK, London… have inspired you….whether with the playfulness of their dancing, their presence on the dance floor or the quirky choreography.  […]

How to fast track your tango learning journey?

learn tango fast

How to kill your business in a single blog post? With the following piece of advice. But hey, it’s incredibly important, so here we go… We often have beginner/improver students coming to us asking for advice on how to learn dancing quicker. They are usually students who started dancing tango a couple of weeks ago, […]

13 ways to enjoy the tango world when you don’t have a lot of money…

wednesday classes and milonga london

5 years ago, I went back to school to study physical theatre. It was a part-time course, which meant I could still work while studying, but suddenly my monthly income dramatically decreased. It was uncomfortable, but at least I learnt to do with less, which is always a good skill to have. I also started […]