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Follower’s stability: 6 tips to keep your balance

Balance. Crucial in tango. And yet so hard to master… It took me years to find my tango balance. The excruciating part was that I came from the world of ballet, so I was supposed to be quite good at balancing. But there was something about the tango posture, the embrace, the fact that I […]

10 of our favorite tango performances of 2015

It’s incredible how so many dancers today capture our hearts with their musicality, power, precision, elegance, or creativity… But because 2015 deserves a round-up, we’ve selected here 10 of our favorite performances of the year. It’s been a heated debate, and after many long discussions, here are our final ten. Enjoy! Carlitos Espinoza y Noelia Hurtado – Maquillaje […]

The three skills to develop on a follower’s Tango journey

Yes, tango is “more difficult” for the leaders than for the followers, at first. But the journey of the follower dancer is paved with its own hardships: the following technique is precise and requires a long training. Here are the three main skills a follower will have to develop throughout her/his tango journey. 1. Axis […]