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Tango Intention: How To Keep A Connected Embrace Throughout The Dance

Tango dancer, What comes to mind when you hear the phrase “Tango is all about connection… not about the steps”? Looking back, I can see when the shift happened in my own dancing. When I decided that I would focus on connection and being in the flow with my partner and chose *not* to be […]

A New Way To Look At The Tango Parada: With A Cambio De Frente (Tango Steps)

Tango dancer, When it comes to tango dancing, we’re all about slow and steady improvements. Get 1% better every time your practice and at the end of the year that small increase will have made a BIG impact in your dancing. So how do you apply the 1% better principle to tango? It’s simple. More […]

Tango Variation: Changing Dynamics In The Americana (For Musicality)

Okay, picture this… It’s Saturday evening. You’ve put on your most beautiful clothes, show up at your favorite milonga, greet your tango friends, put on your shoes… You’re already getting excited listening to the beautiful music that’s playing but instead of feeling worried you won’t be able to fully express the music, you’re confident and […]

Tango Technique: How To Use The Hips For Better Connection (3 Tips)

Dear dancer, I’ll be completely honest with you.  Your tango teacher has been lying to you all along.  I know they have, because we do too… See, when you start your tango journey, you teacher probably told you to use the center of the chest to lead or follow.  Want to know the truth? There […]

How to Sacada: 4 Technical Details to Make Your Sacadas Work (Tango)

Hi dancer! 4 sacada tips we wish we’d known sooner “Learn from the mistakes of others. You can’t live long enough to make them all yourself.” – Eleanor Roosevelt   ^smart lady right there.    Mistakes are a part of life, but the fewer things you have to learn the hard way, the better, am I […]

Tango Steps: 4 Tips To Make The Sandwichito More Elegant (Easy Tips)

Hi dancer, There are a lot of assumptions out there when it comes to tango steps… …that there is a ‘wrong’ and ‘right’ way to dance a movement …that the fancier and more sophisticated the step, the better …that once we have learned a movement, we don’t need to revisit it None of these things […]

Tango Perfect Combination: Off-Axis + Giro + Enrosque (Giro Steps)

Dear dancer, Do you have a mantra? A meaningful sentence you’ve chosen to help you through your tango dancing, a challenging time, your life journey…? I’ve never really thought of this, to be honest, but we recently started working with a new coach who asked us to choose a mantra for our new project. And […]

Tango Off-Axis: How to go Off-Axis from the Side Step (Technique)

Is off-axis 💀 dead?   You’ve probably heard whispers that tango Nuevo and its off-axis movements is dead, that it’s over, or that the axis sharing moves are oh-so-passé.     (People will say anything if it excuses them from challenging themselves and learning new technique)     But a quick look at all maestro […]

Simple, Sensual and Smooth: How to do a Double Planeo (tango steps)

We all have something in tango that we are known for. No I’m not speaking about the fact that you’re the last one standing at every milonga or your ability to name every song the DJ plays (though if it’s the case I’m impressed!)… but rather the quality that you bring to your dancing. Some […]

The Open Side of the Embrace: Where to put the hand? (help for balance)

Tango dancer, Recently a student of ours came to ask me why she was regularly losing her balance during the dance, despite all her efforts. Indeed, her and her partner had worked hard at doing individual exercises for balance. When they practiced the movements in practice embrace they both felt comfortable… but when they went […]