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**Free “Find Stability in Your Pivots” 5-Day challenge**

Have you ever felt wobbly when dancing tango?

Are you sometimes losing your balance when pivoting?

Would you like to feel more balanced and grounded during the dance?

Our ‘Free Find Stability In The Pivots 5-Day Challenge’ will help you be more grounded when dancing tango, feel more comfortable in the ochos and become more artistic on the dance floor. If you’re looking for tango exercises you can do at home to improve, this is for you.

During our Free 5-Day tango challenge, you’ll receive one email per day with:
-One daily easy individual exercise that you can do at home to practice how to pivot better 💪
-Simple changes to add to your technique so you can be more stable when pivoting ✋
-Step-by-step teaching to find fluidity in your ochos and your pivots🕺

Added bonus: You don’t need a partner for this.

Click on this link to sign-up: https://bit.ly/3bJ0tkn.

We are starting on the 24th of February. Make sure you don’t miss this: join us now

5 days of easy individual practice to find stability in your ochos

We really hope this helps!

Keep learning, and keep sharing your dancing, because the world of tango needs your embrace.

Pablo & Anne

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